Oct. 6th, 2016

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Yesterday was my birthday and I barely know where to begin. Cursed Child is finally mine, at least, I can say that much. Now I can read it myself and see what I think. Apart from that I got 29 other gifts. Yes, you read that correctly. I kept feeling like Dudley.

But they were all little things, down to useful stuff like new underwear, haha. So it wasn't 30 luxury items. Mother wanted to do something fun for my 30th birthday, so she decided to get thirty small gifts.

I've been gifted things online too and... way more than I ever expected. I'd heard whispering about one person writing me a little something and I was ecstatic. But then FOUR people wrote me something, and others sent me birthday messages. I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed. I literally didn't see that coming.

My friend Q and I started out as fandom friends and she's given me handwritten ficlets alongside physical gifts before, once or twice, kind of like a bonus. But by that point we'd already known each other – and met regularly – for years.

Meaning I've never had an online fandom friend write me something. Not like this. And that's kind of strange in a way, isn't it? Considering I've been in fandom for so long. But somehow I've never connected enough with people for them to do that?? Hence: ME BEING A LITTLE OVERWHELMED.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. It really means a lot. It is SO inspiring and motivating knowing that people actually care and show support for each other in this community. I love how creative and appreciated it makes me feel. You are all the best!

I have my very own homemade cake and it is delicious. I've only had to share it with Mother and my aunt so far so there's plenty left, hahah. YUM. And when my aunt was here, she told us about a silly radio show that she thought was fun. We ended up listening for a while, the three of us. The program has a new theme every day and people get to call in. Yesterday's theme? "Things that have been ruined for you."

The first caller? Well, it was a young woman claiming that Harry Potter had been ruined for her. She seemed good-natured about it though and when they asked her why, she said it was because of a game she'd heard of. One that I think many of us have heard of at some point. *SNORT* You know, when you replace the word "wand" with "penis"?

This was, of course, hilarious to me. Not so much because of the juvenile game itself but more because of their reactions. Also Harry Potter grabbing a penis seemed to be my very own birthday theme, considering what people wrote for me. :D

She asked if the hosts wanted a few examples and one started with Harry casting his patronus. By that time I bent over in my chair and face-planted into the kitchen table half mortified and half dying of laughter because I knew what was coming. Yeah, so it was all about him gripping the wand penis tighter and white stuff shooting out of it. :D Mother was horrified but also vaguely amused and both of them seemed wildly confused while I cackled like a mad person.

All in all it was a lovely, slow day. One of those relaxing ones that end up being just the right amount of fun without being too much or too tiring.

Maybe you've seen these already but click below to check out what people wrote for me. <3

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