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I was tagged, twice. :D Simply begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer.

01) Name: Mac
02) Animal: Cat
03) Girl's name: Tuva
04) Color: Apple green
05) Movie: Nothing
06) Something you wear: Garments
07) Drink: San Francisco
08) Food: Omelet
09) Item in the bathroom: Toothbrush
10) Place: Hogwarts
11) Reason to be late: Sexy fic

Let's be real here, guys, all sorts of fic can make you late for appointments. Am I right or am I right? Just me then? Okay. Maybe I should control my reading a bit more when I need to get ready...

Funny how the drink thing worked out, too, because the only properly mixed drink I've ever had is a San Francisco. It was delicious.

(Also, disclaimer, I haven't seen the movie in about a decade and I was a liiiittle more invested in one of the actors starring in it at that point. I have a feeling it wouldn't hold up today.)

In other news, I'm enjoying a somewhat mediocre summer so far. It's not fantastic, but I don't mind. I'm about to meet a friend on Tuesday that I haven't seen for years and I'm looking forward to that. Well, as long as my ear is better by then.

My right ear's messed up. It's entirely blocked and I hope the local clinic can help me with that tomorrow because the damn drops they gave me on Wednesday just blocked it entirely after a few days?? I don't know if it's the liquid only or if something else is going on in there by now. I guess I'll know tomorrow when I am meant to call back if the problem remains.

If anyone wants to do the meme, feel free to. I won't pass it on to anyone specific, because it seems the few new people I follow are either tagged by now or they've done it already. I haven't unfriended anyone from the past but they don't seem to be around anymore. But if anyone at all wants to take part, then go ahead. :D
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