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Sssooo, I met with the principal of a local elementary school the other week and had a bunch of questions thrown at me, and today was my first day at work so clearly I did something right. YAY.

I work with the preschool class, so all the kids are six years old. I worked at a non-school based preschool before this... if that makes sense? I don't know what you call it and how you define the different terms where you're from. (I guess it depends on location and person?) They were three to five years old there, anyway, because I worked with the oldest kids at that preschool. Sadly I wasn't able to stay there, but YAY now I have this new job.

My first day was great and I was given a hug by an adorable little girl. :D She was all, "See you tomorrow, Miss!" Ugh, my heart.

 photo IMG_0956.jpg

Yay, Fantastic Beasts coloring book.

And I went to IKEA the other day, like the Swede I am, and the first thing I thought when I visited the toilets was that the stalls were not large enough to have convenient sex in. The floor was surprisingly fresh and clean, were a certain bespectacled bloke to give some blond man a blowjob while on his knees, but heck if I know how they'd fit. I suppose one of them would have to sit on the lid of the toilet or something. Perhaps the men's restroom is designed differently? *Shrugs happily* I don't know about you, but these are now the things I ponder when visiting department stores.

Now I have to sleep because I start working at seven tomorrow morning. YAY! (And I mean that genuinely. I may not be a morning person but it's nice to have a job again.)
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