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I'm not dead or gone, I've been here, just reading and commenting on fests and letting life do its thing. How are you all doing? I've been communicating with some of you, but how about the rest? I hope you're all well, and happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrated it.

HOLY GRAPES (because if ever there was a time to say holy grapes, it'd be now) I'm overwhelmed by the love meme. It made me cry, and it seems I'm not the only one. Goodness, it's been a long time since I felt so genuinely appreciated. You're all so kind and affectionate, and reading all the lovely comments you left me really warmed my heart and made me tear up. It was precisely what I needed. <33 Fandom is great anddddd shit, it meant so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just. Thank you. ♥

Reading and leaving comments for others was the most amazing thing. Gosh, what a lovely idea – this love meme thing. Definitely check it out if you haven't. But it's been a while, so I think you're all aware already. Wasn't it the best?

Life is good. I have a cold and I've missed out on some physical therapy because of it. Booo. I also missed work this week, but although I love my job I kind of needed the break, so it's fine. I think my maybe-cold finally broke out because of stress, actually. But now I'm doing much better.


A wise and magnificent Dutch wandmaker, living a secretive life in an undisclosed location in the Netherlands, felt the stars call upon him. He deemed me worthy and rushed to create one to match my magical signature. It arrived by owl all the way from there, just for me, with the most wonderful scroll explaining that it was fashioned out of willow.

Or, in other words, my buddy Eddy carved me a wand as a hobby. He made a few a couple of years ago but neither of us thought about it then. Now, though, he suddenly decided to make me one when his carving came up in conversation. Eeee! It's my first wand ever, and it's GORGEOUS. Seriously, he's done the most beautiful details on it, and I was in awe when it arrived. He wrote, in calligraphy (with a fecking wax seal and everything) that it was made from a willow branch, and that it was loosely based on Hermione's wand.

SUITS ME FINE, mister. Because, aaah, it has the most exquisite pattern with vines and golden details. I love gold and leaves!

My photos aren't perfect because they're taken with my phone in somewhat poor lighting. But these turned out best. LOOK!

 photo Photo 2016-11-26 17 58 17.jpg

 photo Photo 2016-11-26 17 55 13.jpg

 photo Photo 2016-11-26 17 56 01 1.jpg

 photo Photo 2016-11-26 17 55 54.jpg

ETA: Ooh, Eddy has left a comment that you can see here, telling us about his process and showing us pictures. He doesn't use his account anymore, but I noticed his last post is from 2012, talking about making his first couple of wands. Haha, wow.
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