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Our sweetiepie (Notice how I didn't say "my") Daniel Jackson is turning 45 years old today!

Yes, you heard me correctly. It is Dr. Daniel Jackson's birthday. The man who shares his face - Michael Shanks - has his birthday in December.

Let's all wish him a happy birthday and have cake for him!

Sadly enough I haven't celebrated at all (That is quite sane, actually) since I've been busy packing, and preparing, for Ireland.

I'm about to put a short vlog up, and then I'm painting my nails (Yes, I am a little girly vain) and then I should be getting to sleep in two hours latest. Otherwise I'll get less than three hours of sleep. And I personally think that when it gets below three hours it does more harm than good. You'll just wake up more tired. Well, perhaps not more tired. But it'll be hard as SHITFACE to get out of bed. Then again Ireland will motivate me.

That is all!
Thank you kindly.


My Angel

Apr. 26th, 2010 08:00 pm
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He is so attractive. He still looks SO, SO good! I still love him like WHOA! I am going insane!

He looks like an angel. Doesn't he look like an angel? He does!
A sweet, lovely angel!

That bright light, those nice clothes. Isn't that a nice shirt? That is such a nice shirt! And such a beautiful voice. And his lips and eyes and his SMILE! His smile!
Oh, god, and that neck. And the hands in the pockets all the time! So cute! So handsome! So stylish! And he used to be such a geek, wearing way too big shirts, with silly hair! Now his hair is all short and hints of gray are starting to show. Aww! I love him I love him I love him!

He said 'hi, my name is Dr. Daniel Jackson' and my heart melted!

He's like an angel.
A lovely, bright angel.

A lovely, skeptical angel. With nice glasses.

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I fail! I lied. Unintentionally, but still. Tonight's not 1x03 of Doctor Who. (Which I'm re-watching if you missed that part.) It's the fourth episode! In an hour and a half, even. Win. So, now I'm going to eat a snack and watch SG-1's Fire and Water. BECAUSE I HAVE NOT WATCHED DANIEL IN SO LONG OMG WHAT!

They're doing a break thing on TV. (Die, sports, die!) And even if it were to air...! We're stuck on season six! AARGH!
My heart is breaking. Need. More. Danny.

And more Xena tonight! :D Looking forward to that! (<33)

Ah. Well, off now.



Apr. 1st, 2008 04:49 pm
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I had another drrreaamm! Yesss!


Well, first there's a lot of running around shooting people. I've been playing way too much Max Payne lately. But I enjoy it! So the dream was pretty fun.
I'm not sure if this other thing is considered to be completely new dream, or just another part of the main dream, but I had one anyway! Oh, and [personal profile] obsessioncalled were there too! And my friend Marty. With his dream-featured girlfriend. Weird.

So anyway! We were a bunch of people at a beach. It was evening, and just us. Sort of Lost feeling, you know?
Lots of children running around, playing. This dream/beach... was a little strange. Soo... then, suddenly, this person dug his way up, and out, through the sand. GUESS WHO?!

DANIEL!! Yes, that's right! Daniel!
And I was standing right there, talking to my friends, so when he started digging his way up... I rushed forward and helped him up. EEE! It was so realistic too! Because I was still all tiny, and he was heavy! I actually thought in the dream: "Why did I do this?"
But it's all pretty obvious: I mean... It was Daniel! And you're supposed to help people the best you can, right? It doesn't hurt to try.

He cling to me, arms around my neck, trying to pull himself up. I had my arms under his, around him, hands on his back, supporting him. Although I was mostly trying not to crumble under the weight. And arms! The arms! ...To quote Buffy "Have you seen those arms? Those are... good arms to have!"
And then - as he slowly dragged himself/climbed up from the sand pit - he eventually leveled with me: faces drawing near, eyes connecting, arms around each other. Yes! Yes! We had this moment thing going on!
ME! With Daniel! EEEE! Cliché movie moments for the effin' WIN!


...Sorry about the bad grammar again.
Pointers how to improve it, anyone?



Feb. 17th, 2008 04:12 pm
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God, I am so BORED!
Boring. Bored. Bored. Board. Boring board of boredom! HELP ME!

I feel all buzzed and restless, too. It's not just that I'm bored. So I'm too all over the place to sit and watch another Andromeda episode. My god.
What should I do? Help! ... I need to do something. PZAH! How restless can one person become?

Today I texted with [personal profile] obsessioncalled about what would happen if she, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill and myself were the last people on earth. We figured out we'd have to make babies so the human race would survive. Definitely. I wouldn't mind. Shotgun for Daniel!
Although Jack will probably want his alone time with Danny as well.

Now I'm going to go reply at MSN and keep complaining to my friends that I'm bored while they're doing homework and watching movies.

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Beware of caps:


Mmm. There. I'm done.

So apparently we knew him, or something! My family, that is. "Family" being Mother and myself. Not a very big family, but a family nontheless. ... How many times can I write 'family' in one paragraph?

Okay. I'm done again.


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Fine, I'll post. Been meaning to do so for ages. First I just... Didn't. Then I forgot.
Then, when I made a third attempt a few days later, I fell asleep at the computer. For forty minutes. That's... Pretty fail.

Watched A Dog's Breakfast tonight. Win! Weird. But win! So much win! New Doctor Who recently, too. That was sweet!




Nov. 28th, 2007 10:23 pm
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Honestly, guys...
I never read my friend page anymore. I'm sorry. I like you! I do remember you. But I just don't know you that well... and I suck. So yeah.  I probably won't read it too often - if ever again. Which is... Stupid. Sorry about that.
But it's not like people comment on my journal anyway. So whatever. Get involved and maybe I'll do the same.

Stargate SG-1, the second love of my life (Buffy TVS being the first), has ended.

The end. Just. Stop. Never again.

Except the movies. Yayz! <-- intarwebz language r liek srsly c00l.

So, Q, I read your journal xp I'm too lazy to comment. I've got nothing to say. If you read this you know I read it anyway. Uh, yeah.

I still love Daniel. Yay!
Daniel, Daniel, Daniel! :D

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Well, "new" and "new"

Now it's updated at least. My friend helped me fix the layout since I don't know how to work that sort of magic :3 and she's basically the only one who reads this. Thank you!
I've finally updated my interests. I bet I missed half of everything I like.
At least Daniel's listed. That's enough for me.

Har har! I love Daniel.

It's way, way late. I'm going to be a good girl and go to bed. Love you all! Or, well, I love Daniel and Q at least.

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I have a cold. I hate being sick.

I still need to update my profile. I'll do that later. Anyway... I had a perfect birthday. Haha. I got lots of nerd stuff. Like, well, a sonic screwdriver and Beyblade stickers and such.

Then I had a dramatic fight with my friends over whether or not Daniel Jackson is hot xp Yeah, I know. Everyone hated him, though. I was very upset.

Q, I want my journal to look pwny and new. You did this one xp help me again?
Make it gaaay! :D

Anyway... Getting a painkiller and some leftover cake now.
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Heart, heart, heart my Daniel.
Mine! Ok, ours. Because he's so bestishly awesome. You can share. BUT-- just a little. Mostly just look.
I get to do the touching!

Oh, and such touching I'd do... >:D HAR HAR HAR!

Tomorrow's my birthday. You're not going to believe it. But I'll be turning twenty one. I'm such a fake. I just geek through life. Never growing up.
Like Peter Panton!  ... Inside joke. Don't mind me

Mmhmmm, Daniel. ^^ I love youu~!
I miss Jack already. Stupid season nine.



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