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I had trouble falling asleep last night. No, wait, I had trouble going to bed last night. I was kind of worried and couldn't relax, so I didn't even want to attempt to fall asleep. I think I had a lot of stuff piled up, because then I kind of freaked out for about a minute. Then I felt better right after.

When I finally did go to bed (around four in the morning) I fell asleep at once. I woke up at half past noon, with my phone next to my pillow. Oops. I must've turned the alarm off in my sleep.

During the night I had a dream that [ profile] frejasanne was here, hanging out, in my room. While I was talking to her my breath started fogging up. Hers too. The room went a little chilly and dim. I was yelling about it being a ghost - because "clear signs omg!!" - and crying out for Dean and Sam to come save me. Because I was sort of scared.

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Tonight I dreamt that I was out walking with [ profile] frejasanne  and we passed by Mother's old work. T'was weird.
And outside... Well...

Michael Shanks was sitting outside. He was fiddling with his cell phone and I was all "DUDE!" and realized I HAD to go talk to the man even though I was extremely nervous. But Q (frejasanne) told me not to. Because he seemed annoyed and she told me "dude, trust me. I know him (as in his kind). You'll regret it if you talk to him now."

So in the end I didn't. I just looked at him. A few people gathered around him after a while. It was strange. He kept trying to call someone, but they didn't pick up. He looked hot.

That is all.



Apr. 15th, 2008 03:48 pm
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Dreams, huh?

I'm sure it's the third night in a row... I want to say third. Maybe I'm wrong? Because I can't remember all of them. But now it's been yet another night of intense dreaming.
This is at least the second night in a row that I've dreamt about my sister. For those who don't know... She passed away a few years ago.

In the first dream we were back in our old apartment, and she was back. She was hanging around, with one of her best friends, in her room. Just like old times. Just like it's supposed to be. Things were a bit weird... But she was back!
The whole dying was just a big error/misunderstanding/prank - something. That's the feeling I got from it. And now she was just... back.

Well, first I dreamt that I was at some convention for Max Payne (the first game) and it was strange. And my brother and sister were there. First just my brother. Hm. Yeah... Hong Kong is far away. I miss him.
And then there was my sister. But she couldn't stay. I knew she had to go away again. They both did. But my brother just had to go back to Hong Kong. My sister on the other hand... just had to... go away.
I figured... I don't see bro often, but at least I can see him again. So I decided to spend the last few minutes with her instead. I was going to follow her to her bus. We got dressed, and then we walked, through the snow, out in the cold. It was a nice walk.

Then I dreamt some more about our old apartment. And that I drove our car. AGAIN. I keep dreaming that every now and then.
And then Sheppy... Or, well, Joe Flanigan I suppose. Uh, he was here anyway. With his kids. And they slept in my bathroom. But then the second night they got to sleep on the bed. (Joe Flanigan has indirectly slept on "your" bed, Q! Har!)
I was also in Stockholm. Everybody were there! Random FeFo people. Not so random FeFo people. And just. Random people. Like Kai. Yeah. She was there. It was awesome. Ilu, Kai!
And Angelina, Martin ("hers" not "mine"), Dreaner... The regulars. Q, of course.

I keep dreaming that I'm with people. My friends and loved ones.

I miss them. I miss her.
I feel lonely. Stupid dream. ...Yet not. Well, whatever.

/Emo Mac


Apr. 1st, 2008 04:49 pm
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I had another drrreaamm! Yesss!


Well, first there's a lot of running around shooting people. I've been playing way too much Max Payne lately. But I enjoy it! So the dream was pretty fun.
I'm not sure if this other thing is considered to be completely new dream, or just another part of the main dream, but I had one anyway! Oh, and [personal profile] obsessioncalled were there too! And my friend Marty. With his dream-featured girlfriend. Weird.

So anyway! We were a bunch of people at a beach. It was evening, and just us. Sort of Lost feeling, you know?
Lots of children running around, playing. This dream/beach... was a little strange. Soo... then, suddenly, this person dug his way up, and out, through the sand. GUESS WHO?!

DANIEL!! Yes, that's right! Daniel!
And I was standing right there, talking to my friends, so when he started digging his way up... I rushed forward and helped him up. EEE! It was so realistic too! Because I was still all tiny, and he was heavy! I actually thought in the dream: "Why did I do this?"
But it's all pretty obvious: I mean... It was Daniel! And you're supposed to help people the best you can, right? It doesn't hurt to try.

He cling to me, arms around my neck, trying to pull himself up. I had my arms under his, around him, hands on his back, supporting him. Although I was mostly trying not to crumble under the weight. And arms! The arms! ...To quote Buffy "Have you seen those arms? Those are... good arms to have!"
And then - as he slowly dragged himself/climbed up from the sand pit - he eventually leveled with me: faces drawing near, eyes connecting, arms around each other. Yes! Yes! We had this moment thing going on!
ME! With Daniel! EEEE! Cliché movie moments for the effin' WIN!


...Sorry about the bad grammar again.
Pointers how to improve it, anyone?

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WHEEE-- (Janet icon, even though she's not mentioned in this entry!)

This blog will come to you in two parts:


...Okay, I may have exaggerated there. But seriously! Michael Shanks! SG-1 audiobook! Michael Shanks! And I can order it! Online! Me! I can order it myself! With my own credit card! Because THEY ACCEPT IT! Usually sites are all "OI! That's a fake VISA. We hate Electron. DIE - BITCH - DIE!" and kick me in the face.
But this site is all "Hey, mate! We know you heart, stalk, and obsess over Michael Shanks like no other! You get to order the audiobook from us! Because we'd like to keep our hearts on the inside, instead of having you rip them out. THANKS FOR SHOPPING - PLEASE COME AGAIN!"

And Mac goes "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE--" into infinity.

: D this blog entry probably sucks!
I should work on my grammar. And there's probably typos. Thanks.

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Beware of caps:


Mmm. There. I'm done.

So apparently we knew him, or something! My family, that is. "Family" being Mother and myself. Not a very big family, but a family nontheless. ... How many times can I write 'family' in one paragraph?

Okay. I'm done again.


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Fine, I'll post. Been meaning to do so for ages. First I just... Didn't. Then I forgot.
Then, when I made a third attempt a few days later, I fell asleep at the computer. For forty minutes. That's... Pretty fail.

Watched A Dog's Breakfast tonight. Win! Weird. But win! So much win! New Doctor Who recently, too. That was sweet!


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Ok, so, it's three in fifteen minutes.
Mother moved my phone which I use as an alarm clock... So, now it was all nice and close and I could reach it without any problem. Sigh. Meaning I turned it off automatically again. How lovely it is waking up at two pm and realizing you've missed half a day.

Anyway, maybe it was worth it. Because, guys... I had the most random dream ever.

Anyway, that's it. The Pretender now.



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