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I was tagged, twice. :D Simply begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer.

01) Name: Mac
02) Animal: Cat
03) Girl's name: Tuva
04) Color: Apple green
05) Movie: Nothing
06) Something you wear: Garments
07) Drink: San Francisco
08) Food: Omelet
09) Item in the bathroom: Toothbrush
10) Place: Hogwarts
11) Reason to be late: Sexy fic

Let's be real here, guys, all sorts of fic can make you late for appointments. Am I right or am I right? Just me then? Okay. Maybe I should control my reading a bit more when I need to get ready...

Funny how the drink thing worked out, too, because the only properly mixed drink I've ever had is a San Francisco. It was delicious.

(Also, disclaimer, I haven't seen the movie in about a decade and I was a liiiittle more invested in one of the actors starring in it at that point. I have a feeling it wouldn't hold up today.)

In other news, I'm enjoying a somewhat mediocre summer so far. It's not fantastic, but I don't mind. I'm about to meet a friend on Tuesday that I haven't seen for years and I'm looking forward to that. Well, as long as my ear is better by then.

My right ear's messed up. It's entirely blocked and I hope the local clinic can help me with that tomorrow because the damn drops they gave me on Wednesday just blocked it entirely after a few days?? I don't know if it's the liquid only or if something else is going on in there by now. I guess I'll know tomorrow when I am meant to call back if the problem remains.

If anyone wants to do the meme, feel free to. I won't pass it on to anyone specific, because it seems the few new people I follow are either tagged by now or they've done it already. I haven't unfriended anyone from the past but they don't seem to be around anymore. But if anyone at all wants to take part, then go ahead. :D
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New shows, soon! This weekend. I'll post about them for sure! Well, at least about Sanctuary. And definitely about the other ones if I have something to say.

My dog is behaving really well these last few days. I'm really happy! We played today, rolling around on the ground in the grass. I was out of breath by the time we went back inside. It was fun!

I'm considering making some form of introduction post. All the people I've added lately... they have. Made such a post, I mean. So I feel like I should, too. But I don't really know how detailed to make it, or how long, and what people want to know. I guess I'll just... do a swipe of the current stuff in my life.

And now! A meme I stole from [ profile] photoshopaddict who stole it from [ profile] lilferret and [ profile] goose197 
Under the cut! )

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With season three on our front porch, reaching out, about to knock on our door any second, I thought it'd be fitting to create a new and fresh Sanctuary Friending Meme for all to enjoy! Just a simple little thing, nothing fancy, but it's a nice way to meet new friends.

If you're new at it, it's easy! Just copy the text below, paste it into a new comment, and answer the questions!
Read and check out other people's answers, see what you have in common, and make new friends. Yay!


<b>What's so lovable about Sanctuary?</b>
<b>Favorite character(s):</b>
<b>Least favorite character(s):</b>
<b>Favorite episode(s):</b>
<b>Favorite Quote(s):</b>
<b>Shipping Yes and Nos:</b>

<b>Sum yourself up with five words:</b>
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Well, lawl, [ profile] mesmorizee tagged me! And I don't mind filling it out.

FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

SECOND: Tag eight sexy people. Don't refuse to do it like a pansy.



Feels like all my flisters are already tagged, and I don't want to tag people I don't know so well and annoy them. So.... Wow. I guess I am a pansy. But we already knew that.
Not like I care.

Anyway... [Unknown LJ tag]

1. Who sleeps in bed next to you?
My dog and cat. It's a tight fit, three of us in bed. (I have a German Shepherd if you've missed that XD Big dog!)

2. What did you last eat?
Sandwiches. Average white bread. Nothing but butter on top because we're out of stuff and need to grocery shop.

3. What kinds of books do you read?
John Green's books? And... Some other nerdy books? HP? ... I like to read, but I never do. So I have no idea. But yeah. Those are the only books I've (re)read in years. And Narnia.

4. What are you reading right now?
Nothing, but I should be. I read short fan fictions? But nothing long-term I'm working on. Neither in books nor fics. Nada.

5. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

Lots of places. Lots of fictional places.
IRL I'd say in Ireland with my friend, or in England with... a someone.

6. Do you like Christmas shopping and looking for gifts?
Love/hate thing. I never do it in time, so there's always stress involved. But it is kind of fun once you figure out what to buy for people. Then the buying the item itself is easy and fun and I LOVE giving things to people. So yay!

7. Tell me one random thing about you.
I am a super crazy optimism apart from the occasional whine.

8. What's your current fandom obsession/addiction?
Daniel Jackson.

9. What did you really want to do today that you didn't?
Watch tons of shows. I had to clean the apartment instead. Sigh, real life. Why so evil? xp

10. What are you most excited for?
Meeting all of my family and friends for Christmas. (Meaning mostly the ones I haven't seen in forever because they moved away but are coming home for the Holiday.)

11. What websites do you always visit when you go online?

My hotmail,, michaelshanks-online, LJ, a friend's blog.
I don't go to all of the above EVERY day. But every OR every other. YouTube is slowly getting back on the list, too. I'm catching up there right now because OH MY GOD I miss my YouTube nerdiness.

12. What was the last thing you bought?
A pizza, I suppose. Last thing I paid for was the cab home from our anime... convention... thing. Whatever to call it. Does that count as buying a car ride? Then THAT'S the last thing I bought.
Bought the pizza there, too.

13. What do you want right now, off the top of your head?
Daniel Jackson.

14. What's your biggest procrastination method?
Internet mostly. Computer in general the rest of the time. If I leave the computer I sleep, or pet my animals, make tea, use the bathroom, talk to Mother... and then my "brb"s turn into two hours and all my friends hate me because I never go back online EVER. I suck.

15. Are there any bits of childhood you miss?
I think I'm going to steal [info]mesmorizee's answer and say the lack of responsibility, among other things. Plus just... having a family and an average family life in a nice house, and just being taken care off. Now there's just Mother and me in this stupid apartment, and she works all the time, and I'm an adult and should/have to take care of myself and be strong and epic all the time, and I spend 95% of my time in front of a computer. Which is a valid lifestyle if one so chooses, I suppose.
Oh, well, real life isn't for me anyway. I am meant to nerd my way through life. :D Which I don't mind.

16. Spring, summer, fall, or winter?
Summer, fall, spring, winter. In that order. ... I think. Perhaps spring before fall. But up here it's just melting goo. Perhaps spring would go before fall if I lived somewhere where spring is long and pretty with flowers slowly popping out. Here it's just snow-goo, and the days slowly get brighter and warmer, and BAM it's summer. So I'm unsure. .... Whatever.
Summer, anyway.

17. Say something to/about the person/s who tagged you.

She always makes me laugh, because she's such a genius!



Nov. 19th, 2009 12:48 am
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I'm unsure of some since I remember watching them as a child/in my teenagy youth, or whatever, haha. But I'd say I've watched three episodes. At least two, if nothing else, so I'm gonna go ahead and bold old stuff, too.
Besides, there weren't many I was unsure about in the end.

Stolen from [ profile] callygal1 who stole it from [ profile] sg1danny!

- Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- underline a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.

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Snagged from [ profile] mesmorizee who snagged it from [ profile] verav, apparently.

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your iPod or MP3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

Long song meme with comments )


Yay, it worked! I tried posting this, like, four times yesterday. I swear that I've done everything exactly the same way today... So I guess it was LJ being retarded last night? I guess we'll never know...



Oct. 8th, 2008 08:49 pm
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Tra-la-la! I've never done a meme before. Well, [ profile] frejasanne made me do one a long time, now that I think about it. I never posted it though.
Found this over at [ profile] mesmorizee's journal. Some lines amused me so much that I had to take it myself XD

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