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This account is still a horrible mess and I should work on that. I got the worst of the dust off, though?

I know I tried to make sense of my tags years and years ago in the hopes that I could make them useful. Eh, well, I never finished that project. I don't think I ever will, really. I can try using them properly in the future, maybe, but that's about as far as I'll go. As for my theme, it seems to have gone a bit wonky - at least the way it displays for me, on this computer/browser - but I'm thinking I'll leave that too. I'm not actively into any particular TV show at the moment, but I will always love Stargate SG-1. It's a ridiculous show and not even that good, but it's charming and just my dumb sort science fiction. I loved it then and I love it now. Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping are still two of my favorite people, and green is still my favorite color. Why not keep it? Besides, I like it when things are a bit nonsensical so the crookedness of it sort of makes me chuckle. I haven't decided yet though so we'll see later, but for now it remains.

I'm going to change my default icon to something generic, though. Something that isn't even fandomy, like a photo of a leaf like I have on my Tumblr that I use extremely sporadically, sheesh. I considered using the same picture alhough it has its flaws but I can't find it, which is a little worrying. I can't exactly use Google to find it, either, because I'm the one who took it and I never uploaded it online. Maybe it's still in my backup folder? I can look later. But I'm thinking something a little greener would make more sense here, anyway.

It's good to be back.

I lurked around a Whose Line community here on LJ in 2012. I visited it on and off over the next two years, and although my friend posted on there I never did so myself. I do have some ficlets I could post there, I suppose, but they're so short and self-indulgent I've never bothered.

I honestly can't remember the last time I posted something online. I've been writing for myself or for my friends (especially one particular friend) exclusively the last couple of years, so the idea of posting something online for everyone to see feels scary as balls. But, hey, I know I could improve a lot if I let strangers give me constructive criticism.

I really look forward to writing for the HP fandom, in fact. I should get on that. You know, try writing something for myself only. Just to get a feel of it. Maybe it won't be as scary posting stuff if I write a few short stories first? Maybe...

Speaking of Harry Potter - I've started reading the books again. I picked up Philosopher's Stone yesterday. It's funny how before I got back into the HP fandom I felt like, "Wow, Mac, it's only been five years and you're reading the series again already?"

Now that I care on a different level again it's more like: "It's been five years, why did I wait this long!?"

It will take up some precious time that I could spend reading fic instead, of course, but I think it's acceptable when the reason is to read the source material. Right? Ghhn, though, my to-read list is obscenely long. It's actually so lengthy that I find myself illogically wishing for some of the fics to turn out bad so that I can skip them, haha. Wanting a presumably terrific list of stories waiting for you to turn out crappy makes little sense, yeah? Yeah. But the idea of the sheer amount of fics in that list of mine is starting to stress me out. It's silly. I am going to plow my way through that list and then proceed to pick one fic at a time instead. I know there'll always be a never-ending stream of stories and that sometimes I'll have to mark ones for later, heh, but I'm definitely going to try keeping that to-read list down to something more reasonable. SNORT. Let's see how well that goes the next time I find a rec list of two dozen fics, hm?

In any case, I'm excited to be back on LJ. I don't really have the heart to remove all the different Sanctuary comms, I must admit. They're dead now, since long - at least the few ones I checked. But gosh, when I was a part of the Sanctuary fandom on here... Good times, good times. Then I had about half a season to spend on Tumblr, too, when I finally created an account. That was fun back when I cared more about Tumblr. I liked the combination of reblogging things on there in a way we didn't have here, and yet you could come here for the episode discussions and stuff like that. I'm still sad that silly, silly show was canceled. The fandom was small enough even when the show was on the air, now it's pretty much gone completely. Goodness grapes, I even hosted a friending meme once. I think that's the most active I've ever been in a fandom. Aw, man, I remember how fun it was to meet people here and friend them and get to know them through their blog posts. I remember how fun it was sharing a fandom, and I'm so excited to sneak my way into the HP one now. I've missed it.

Wow, I ramble. I managed it again. Oh well, it's my journal, I can do whatever I like. :D

Off I go, though. I am going to have some tea and reply to some messages/emails, then reading some more HP and finally sleeping.
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