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Oct. 2nd, 2016 11:58 pm
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I just realized today is my anniversary.

October 2nd 2002.

That's when I signed up for Hogwarts.nu and from that moment forward I didn't merely love the books, I joined the fandom.

Ugh. Nostalgia. I had an owl named Scrollow, a phoenix called Cordy, two dragons – a Norwegian Ridgeback and a Romanian Longorn – named uhm... Twyxia and what what is? Fluffpuff, or something like it. Let me check. Ah, yes, "Fluffphuff" with an H. I'm so sorry. And I honestly can't remember the name of my damned rat.

You could only see the names of the dragons in a particular section, for all other pets you had to hover your cursor over them to see what they were called and I can't do that with old screencaps. And as I mentioned in another entry, the website shut down in 2006. So I can't exactly sign in and check there either. Anyway, I'm sure this is all very riveting for you guys. In any case, they consisted of images you had on your profile that you could click and drag around. It was all very modern, you see. HAH.

The message boards, though. Uggh. That's what it was all about. And if I hadn't signed up for that website I don't what would have happened to me. I had one childhood friend I met on a regular basis up until then.

From that point on, I met friends. Both local, irl, and internationally online. I mean, heck, I got talking to one of my best friends in 2003 on there. Kai. And although she's Swedish she lived in the US with her family.

And Q. Uggghhhhhh. I might've died without Q. And she can blame me for her stupid nickname, literally. Ahaha. I didn't know what to call her so one day when chatting I wrote to her and said that I was going to pick a random letter off the keyboard. And I thought Q was fun. And... yeah. Over ten years later and I still call her Q IRL. (Everyone keeps asking if it's from Bond or Star Trek and we're like, "Errrrr, nooo...")

We lived a fucking hour apart. Like, on one hand there was Kai in the States – and then suddenly Q lived an hour from me. Score! Most convenient friendship ever.

Anyway. Sentimentality aside. It was great.

And now here I am. Back home. <3
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