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Capriiii, you fucking delightful person. It's been so fun getting to know you these past two months. You're a joy, and precious to us, and I hope you never ever leave this fandom. I mean, heh, no pressure. ;D

But if you do, I'll probably stalk you to the next.

You're a talented shit, and helping you with your fic was an honor. Thank you so much for letting me see it. I adore your style for that one, the artistic way you change POV and the way you make the UST so incredibly vivid with so few words. I mean, damn. If anyone's missed it, you should read her wonderful Draco/Albus Severus ficlet (500 words) and leave some love.

You're a wonderful artist and a brilliant person, and I'm so glad you found your way here. This corner of the fandom wouldn't be the same without you. Now that you're posting again (I can relate, by the way, when it comes to life distracting you lately) you should definitely post more art and fic. We'd love to see more.

I — er — have a fic that I'm writing for you, as you know. :D No secret there, because I'm a slowpoke and the boys first refused to start fucking one another, and now they can't stop. I swear I will get that you soon, as a belated birthday gift.

Would anyone like to beta some smutty James/Al for me, actually? It's not done yet but it'll be approximately 10-15k when it is, knowing me. (It's currently 9200 words.) I know, it's ridiculous. I have issues when it comes to keeping things short. I ended up adding pining and stuff.

So much for a short pwp scene! OH WELL.

In any case, Capri, I'm glad you spammed Birds and found your way here. You're a treasure. Never change, darling.

WOHO!!!! *throws confetti and runs off*
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